Sustaining with Osteoporosis, AHypocalcemia Type Condition

Human body is a complex structure which has many organs to perform multiple functions. You can’t say exactly which body system is more important compared to others because every system of body has its specific role. The malfunctioning of any system is represented by some disorder or disease which is usually referred as a medical or health condition. This is the adverse stage when body fails to perform some function in an effective manner.

Necessity of calcium for our body

The various systems of our body are nourished by different nutrients that are naturally present in the foods we eat. A particular type of food is enriched in certain specific type of nutrient(s) and thus, need of every nutrient is important for our body. Calcium is an essential element for our body and its need starts from pre-birth gestation stage. During this stage, calcium requirement of fetus is fulfilled by the mother. After birth, various foods are the sources of rich-calcium to fulfil this requirement on daily basis. If our food is deficient in calcium or extra need of this element has raised, it can be met by a calcium supplementation.

Calcium and hypocalcemia

Calcium, thus, has a great role in bones development and maintenance. Deficiency of calcium can result in many diseases. This condition is called hypocalcemia. Osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish) is one disease which results in weak and brittle bones which decrease body’s performance and become prone to bone fractures. The symptoms of this disease or osteoporosetratar are concealed in the beginning and appear when this disease has already developed to an intermediate stage.

Sustaining with osteoporosis

Though osteoporosis, once developed in your body, can’t be treated permanently, yet you can hope for healthy living while sustaining with this disease. The sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, exercise and change in lifestyle can greatly help to hide adverse effects of this disease. This is the best osteoporose tratar or to live with this disease.