Why & How Sonic Rewards Its Customers for Honest Feedback

Restaurant business is a kind of business which successfully operates on customer reviews. Complaints and feedback are important factors for this business. When you intend to visit some restaurant or want to buy even from drive thru food outlet, you usually read online reviews submitted by the customers. Most people check the restaurant’s rating to make a selection. This is important when you are a food lover. Some people are ready to eat anything to satisfy their hunger, but a real food lover will never do so.

Why is customers’ feedback important for restaurants?

You would never visit a restaurant which can’t serve food of your choice. The restaurants and food outlets are also interested in customers’ feedback about their food and service. They sometimes use a survey to know what their customers think about their food and service. The survey is an important feedback from customers which not only helps in fetching more customers but also making improvements. The positive feedback is helpful in business growth, but negative feedback helps in effecting improvements for successful business. Most restaurants have both positive and negative customer feedbacks.


Sonic’s survey

Sonic is one American chain of drive in fast food restaurants’ chain which conducts a customer survey. When you enter Talk to Sonic survey or talktosonic, you are required your mind to speak about Sonic’s food and service. You need to honest in submitting the survey. Thus, you can be either or negative about Sonic experience. You are not barred from submitted complaints. The survey is to be submitted on www talktosonic com.

Why Sonic rewards for honest feedback

Your survey has the worth for Sonic because this will allow the company to serve a better menu and improve service. The company considers value of its customers’ feedback and rewards them for their honest comments. Free Route 44 coupon code is the reward that Sonic offers to its survey customers. Sonic coupon which the company offers can be redeemed on your step-in into Sonic on your next visit. In exchange, you’ll get a nice drink.