What are IFCJ reviews?


            IFCJ i.e. International fellowship of Christians and Jews is the organization founded in 1983 with the main intention of promoting the cooperation and understanding between the Christians and Jews. It was to build the broad support for Israel and shared many other concerns. IFCJ reviews are great and it is said that the organization will be able to reverse the 2000 year history of discord. It will be replaced with the relationship full of respect, dialogue and cooperation.

Good reviews of organizationIFCJ

            Since years, the organization have been the leader in maintaining the Jewish Christian relations by building bridges of goodwill which has led to a  better cooperation and understanding between the members of two communities. As it is an organization it completely depends on the funds received by their loved ones. The IFCJ ratings have been good and thus the organization has been receiving good funds from all over the world. They have been serving the needy Jews in Israel and other countries. They supply a good amount of food and medicines to the elderly. Moreover, they also serve the poor military of Israel.IFCJ

            When it comes to an organization, people always keep doubts into their minds and thus people keep on asking is IFCJ a good charity? Yes offcourse it is a good charity. It is completely for the welfare of the Jews in Israel. It has been the backbone for all the immigrants who came into Israel. They serve the immigrants and also guide them with the daily needful things of life. The organization was started by Yechiel Epstein and he dedicated 40 years of his life for the organization until his death. Now the organization is held by his daughter. The IFCJ rating is real and this organization is not fake.