Sam Houston State University Ring: A Symbol of Achieving a Milestone

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) or popularly known as Sam, founded in 1879, is one of the old and leading state-owned universities in the United States and third oldest public educational institution in the state of Texas. The name of this institution was changed three times from Sam Houston Normal Institute in 1879 to Sam Houston State University in 1967. This university has a wide spread campus and quite a large number of students getting higher education in various fields such as Fine Arts and Mass Communication, Business, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science & Engineering Technology, Medical and Health Sciences.

Significance of Sam Houston State University ring

The alumni of Sam Houston State University are very influential people serving in many fields of profession and business. This represents the value of graduating from this university. Everyone aspires to be a part of this university, but admissions are offered to meritorious students. If you are or have been associated with this university, you may be feeling pride of getting education here, and pride of wearing Sam Houston State University ring the tradition that reminds you of your years spent here and success achieved during these years. Today, whatever you may be in your life, but the ring reminds you of the value education you got in this university.

Why students love to wear this ring

Remember the days when you were qualified to wear Sam Houston State University ring. No one can forget the event when wait to wear this ring had ended, and he or she got the opportunity to wear this ring, a prestigious ring having name of Sam Houston State University prominently encircling ‘SH’ logo on the apex portion of the ring, and sides of the ring having more symbols. Every symbol carries some meaning for the student who wears it. there are many designs and styles to choose for this ring that add to your status.