What makes IFCJ a legitimate trust?

No one wants to donate funds to the illegitimate charitable trust and crib later. When you are making donations, you need to check the credibility and reliability of the site. There are many IFCJ ratings sites which give ratings for each charitable organization based on their financial health and other criteria. So, when you check the ratings on these watch dog sites for the charity that is supporting the cause to which you want to donate, you can get clear insights. Based on these insights, you can take a decision of whether or not to donate the funds to them. IFCJ ratingsSo, you should never donate money without doing extensive research about the charitable organization. One of the non-profit organizations that are gaining a huge popularity in the charity world is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. These people are working hard to provide ample support to the Christians and Jews living in different parts of the world.

Here is what that makes IFCJ ratings a legitimate trust

Good reputation in the market: When you Google for this charitable organization, you can see positive reviews that are left by the donors and the ratings given by the watchdog sites. Their name is vociferous on social media. They spend the amount on carrying out various program activities throughout the year. The board of directors would prepare a proper plan for a year and stick to it. IFCJ ratingsThey also publish an annual report on the site. You can check the physical address and phone number on the site and contact them.

Let the donors know where the funds are going: These IFCJ ratings people make sure that 100% of the funds that are donated by the donors would reach the victims and help the needy. These people use some amount of the donated funds in carrying out fundraising events, travelling and overhead expenses. This charity will not allocate more than 35% of the fundraising and other overhead expenses.

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