IFCJ has Been Popular Due to the Rabbi

The International Fellowship of Jews and Christians (IFCJ) has been popular due to the relentless work carried out by its founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The organization helps Jews around the world to escape poverty, persecution and also helps Holocaust survivors to live a decent and dignified life. It has also helped a lot of Jews to come back to their native land, Israel so that they can start living over there anew. The Rabbi was at the forefront of all the initiatives that were carried by the organization.IFCJ

His entrepreneurship and association with different people and governments helped in making it possible for his organization to help so many Jewish people around the world. We take a look here at some other aspects of his life.

  • A lot has been written about him – In August 2015, the authorized biography of the founder of IFCJ was penned down by the famous journalist, Zev Chafets and it was titled “The Bridge Builder”. It details all the major works done by him. There is also an informative book by Penguin Random House by the name of “The Life and Continuing Legacy of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein”. It also details some major works by the Rabbi. The Hebrew version of “The Bridge Builder” is also in circulation in Israel so that Jews can go through it and understand all the major assignments undertaken by him.IFCJ
  • He was the main person behind the success – The Rabbi, through his organization IFCJ, made a lot of difference to the lives of Jews around the world. The organization raised more than $1.6 billion since 1983 and introduced programs for the Jewish population helping them in Israel, Latin America, the erstwhile Soviet Union, Ethiopia along with more than 58 countries worldwide. His impactful programs have been quite well-received by a lot of Jews and have made a big difference to their lives.

The Rabbi has been a major support for the Jewish population due to his enormous help through the organization.

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What are the criteria to be met by IFCJ?

IFCJ is the sought after name in the charity world. This organization is working hard to build a strong relationship between two communities, i.e. Jews and Christians and also giving ample support to the Christians living in Israel. This charitable organization is making optimal use of the funds that are donated by the donors. IFCJ ratingsHowever, whenever you are donating funds to IFCJ, you need to check the reviews of the site thoroughly to gain clear insights about its pros and cons. These insights will guide you in making the right decision of whether or not to donate for this firm. The IFCJ ratings that are given by the watchdog sites are also high for this site. These people are helping the needy besides maintaining transparency of their financial health of the organization. In addition, they are accountable for their actions.

Here are the criteria that are met by IFCJ for getting top IFCJ ratings

Tax status: This non-profit organization has registered with 501 (c)(3). You can get tax exemption on the money that you have donated to this charitable organization.

Revenue: This organization is getting ample funds into its account from the Christians and other people globally over the years. This is what made them to qualify for good IFCJ ratings.

IFCJ ratingsYears of operation: This organization was started in 1983 and was in the market for two decades and more. They maintain high standards. This is one of the most key criteria that made them to get a better rating. This organization is stable and easy to predict compared to the other organizations that are mushrooming in the market.

Location: This organization is located in the US and it is maintaining the tax and legal standards as per the country regulations and rules.

Get ample support from the public: This organization will get ample funds from the public over from the government. This is receiving millions of dollars every year to serve the needy across the globe.