About the present president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) came to existence in the world 1983 holding the hands of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein which was later looked after by Yael Eckstein.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein took up responsibility after the death of his father at the age of 67. This was mainly done in order to promote the companionship and the co-operation establishment between the Christians and the Jews.

This also led to a mutual bonding and support creation for each other. A board was created to provide the maximum support to Israel. The IFCJ reviews and ratings stand tall both online and offline in each community throughout the world.

Reviewing the working of Yael Eckstein and the foundation of IFCJ

According to the reviews from various sources, it is the most concerned and reliable trusts all over the globe where people can donate and serve their cause for the Jews in the maximum way possible.

The vision of the charitable organization is to reverse the scenario that exists between the Jews and the Christians for decades now and turn it into a peaceful and co-operative environment where both the religious community can lend helping hands and benefit each other to the maximum reach.Yael Eckstein

The primary mission of the charitable fellowship program is to promote a mutualism between both the communities of the Christians and the Jews, create a wider scope of support for the Israelis, and re-write the history of the world through respect, dialogues, co-operation, and a stable relationship between both the communities. Yael Eckstein just like her father has dedicated her complete life for this cause and in this non-profit organization.  She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children and controls the working of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

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The fundamental job of the COO of the Book of the Month

Blake Orlandi has a critical job in the achievement of the organization. He is a genuine virtuoso of membership-based business. The possibility of a membership-based business is straightforward. The client pays a membership charge on a month to month premise and buys into a business magazine. Consequently, they get an item which is conveyed to them at the ideal timetable.

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Some of the useful information about Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari which is the capital of Sardinia, Italy, in the year 1962. He is a very successful mining engineer. He completed his graduation in mining engineering from the famous University of Cagliari in the year 1988.

Roberto CasulaHis career

After completing the engineering studies, Roberto Casula got a job in the renowned Eni in the year 1988. He joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. He worked in the same post for 3 years in Milan. Then he was promoted to the post of a petroleum engineer and was sent to Luanda. He stayed in the same post from 1992 to 1993.

In 1994 he got the position of Chief Development and Production Engineer. He was in the same position for a good 3 years until 1997. Roberto Casula then returned back to Milan in 1997 to serve in the position of Development and Production Co-coordinator.

In the year 2000, he got the responsibility of Department Manager of technical services that were based in Milan. He held the same post until 2001. He was then sent to the middle-eastern country of Tehran, Iran where he stayed from 2001 to 2004. In Tehran, he served as the Project Director of South Pars phases 4-5. Then in the year 2004, Casula was given the post of theRoberto Casula Managing Director of Eni Mediterranea Idrocarburi SpA in Gela, Italy, a sister company of Eni.

His stay in Africa

Roberto Casula was promoted to the position of the Managing Director of Eni North Africa BV in Tripoli, Libya in 2005. Then in 2007, he became the Senior Vice President for the Sub-Sahara Region. In 2011 he got the position of Executive Vice President for Eni Africa and the Middle East.

Currently, he is the Chief Development, Operations, and Technology Officer of Eni and leading more than 3000 people.

Yael Eckstein- The ideal Person to Carry out Yechiel Eckstein’s Legacy

With the passing of one of the most popular Rabbis who was the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), all duties fell on his daughter Yael Eckstein. She was being groomed for this position by her father for the last couple of years and have been taking decisions and responsibilities that have uplifted this charity to a new height.Yael Eckstein

About the charity

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was founder as well as President of this charity that helped the Jews with various issues. He died when he was 67 due to a heart attack. The death left his daughter to run this organization which raises $130 million on average every year. Due to his charismatic and strong personality, a lot of money was raised by this organization which helped millions of Jews globally.

His daughter knew she would take over after her father. Hence, three years ago she was blessed by him for it after it was determined that she is an ideal candidate to carry on such work. Since then she was mentored by him and was handed over more responsibilities and power for making decisions. Even a year ago, the board members of this charity agreed that Yael Eckstein would be next President after her father retires.Yael Eckstein

About Yael

Evanston, Illinois is her birthplace. She was in Israel for her schooling before moving onto New York’s Queen’s College and then off to Hebrew University in Jerusalem. When she was in college she opted for courses that helped her gain degrees in sociology along with Jewish and biblical studies. Also, with her work and her father’s mentoring without a doubt that Yael Eckstein was the best candidate for President after her father’s retirement.

Currently, the IFCJs has five programs which assist Jews to settle down in Israel along with fulfilling all basic necessities of the Jewish people around the world.

Yachiel Eckstein is the main motivation behind the IFCJ reviews and rating score

A million dollar question

Yachiel Eckstein earns special importance in building an empire of billion dollars and also being the first eminent personality to tap into Christian community’s caring for Israel. Will his loving daughter Yael Eckstein be able to continue the impetus after her father’s death? Will she be able to lead the mission of uniting the Christians and the Jews thereby raising the ratings relating to IFCJ reviews? It is a vital question.

IFCJ reviewsRegarding IFCJ reviews the best thing that can be said with perfect guarantee is that among the charities those are actively operating in Israel nowadays, hardly any can compete with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in matters of fundraising, impact (and positively not regarding visibility) and contributor base.

All the way IFCJ is a one-man’s show

 Since its foundation in 1983 the IFCJ or Hakeren Leyedidut or the name by which IFCJ is known in Israel had been a ‘One-man show.’ The name is really an appealing one. Sadly enough, now the main pillar that provided support to the charity (none other than Yachiel Eckstein himself) has disappeared.

IFCJ reviewsThe charismatic Rabbi who constructed the charitable empire suddenly left the mortal world and departed to the spiritual world giving no notice of his sudden departure. After King’s demise his empire needs support of his successor but here, the leader Yachiel Eckstein’s sudden death at 67 left his family speechless.

He was the first person who deserves unique importance in identifying the prospective for converting Christian Evangelical support in favour of Israel into dollars concerning charity. He was the face and voice of the charity in discussion since its commencement.

Naturally, many of the organizations as well as individuals that have approach with a view of relying on his donations now wonders what will happen of IFCJ reviews and ratings due to the demise of this larger-than-life personality. Thankfully, his youngest daughter Yael has decided to carry on her father’s dream.