Why Visa Is A Wider Option for Australian Immigrants

Australia is a country having low density of population, which means its population is quite low compared to its land area. The Australian Government, therefore, makes lot of publicity to attract people from other parts of the globe. Many advertisements of ‘Study Abroad Australia’ are seen in the print and electronic media, and there are better job and business opportunities in this country as well. visa AustraliaNo doubt, Australia is a beautiful country and paradise on earth. The country is livable as well and thus, attracts people from some parts of the globe who becomes Australian immigrants for study, employment and business. However, there is no dearth of people who land into this country for tourism and business.

Why Visa is a wider option to visit Australia

The Australian visitors before 1996 needed Australian visa to land into this country for whatever objective of immigration that restricted intent of few short term and one-time visitors because they didn’t want to undergo rigorous visa application processing, though visa Australia procedure is simpler compared to few other developed countries such as United States. visa AustraliaThe condition of Australian visa has been dispensed with after introduction of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) to which Australia is a participant apart from United States, but this program is not applicable to the passport holders of all countries.

Why Australian visa is preferred

Visa Australia is still the only option for the passport holders of the countries that do not qualify for issue of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) document under VWP. Moreover, ETA is valid for short term tourist and business visitors only, and is issued on certain conditions. Short-term business visitors are usually immigrants that visit Australia to attend business meetings with clients, to attend seminars and conferences, and to make business deals. For immigrants, other than short term tourist and business visitors, such as those for education, employment and long-term business, visa is only option.