About the present president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) came to existence in the world 1983 holding the hands of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein which was later looked after by Yael Eckstein.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein took up responsibility after the death of his father at the age of 67. This was mainly done in order to promote the companionship and the co-operation establishment between the Christians and the Jews.

This also led to a mutual bonding and support creation for each other. A board was created to provide the maximum support to Israel. The IFCJ reviews and ratings stand tall both online and offline in each community throughout the world.

Reviewing the working of Yael Eckstein and the foundation of IFCJ

According to the reviews from various sources, it is the most concerned and reliable trusts all over the globe where people can donate and serve their cause for the Jews in the maximum way possible.

The vision of the charitable organization is to reverse the scenario that exists between the Jews and the Christians for decades now and turn it into a peaceful and co-operative environment where both the religious community can lend helping hands and benefit each other to the maximum reach.Yael Eckstein

The primary mission of the charitable fellowship program is to promote a mutualism between both the communities of the Christians and the Jews, create a wider scope of support for the Israelis, and re-write the history of the world through respect, dialogues, co-operation, and a stable relationship between both the communities. Yael Eckstein just like her father has dedicated her complete life for this cause and in this non-profit organization.  She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children and controls the working of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.