Make As Many Relationships As You Can – Roberto Casula

The unanswered questions related to many challenges in today’s time are surely the trigger for curiosity, inspiration, and imagination. If you read recent post or interviews of  , the Senior Executive at Eni you must have read about his vision about the Oil and gas industry’s future. He stated at a very basic post in the company and with the passing of time with his hard work, dedication, and vision he held numerous managerial positions at the company.  Currently, he is holding the position of Chief Development, operations, and technology office at Eni and focusing on the corporate venture capital and open innovation.

Curiosity is the key

Roberto Casula

He believes that curiosity is the key. Curiosity can pop up anywhere and at anytime. You can be curious about anything while reading a book while discussing something with your friend or colleagues or contacts academia. He believes that unanswered questions of many of today’s challenges can surely be the trigger for inspiration, curiosity, and imagination.

He says that technological trends are always amazing and among all of them the one that excites him the most is the development of IoT.

Advice for the younger generation

Everyone is well aware that Roberto casula eni is a figure that inspires a lot of youngsters. There are many people who want to join the same field just because they are inspired by him. When asked to say a few words of advice for the youngsters he wants them to develop many good relationships as many as they can. At the same time, he wants youngsters to be honest and kind to everybody and to help others on a regular basis. Behind all these advice he has the reason, he says when one faces difficulties in life and feel alone at that time there must be someone who will help them and stand with them.

The Emerging Concept of Veganism

Most people are often confused about the difference between being vegetarian and vegan. This is actually two faces of a single definition and vegan is apparently a superior part of vegetarianism. In this context, different categories are sometimes assigned to the definition of vegetarianism. Vegetarian is a general term used for people who don’t eat meat, fish, and products prepared by killing animals or from their bones or skin. In generals, they hate any animal content in their foods. People who don’t eat meats, but fish are referred to as semi-vegetarians or pescatarian more specifically. People who don’t eat meats and fish, but eat poultry are vegetarians. The specific term used for these people is pollo-vegetarian or pollotarian.

The concept of veganism

vegetarian restaurants

Superior to above terms of vegetarian is vegan, a new name for people who don’t eat meat, fish, and other animal-derived products such as dairy, poultry, honey, and more. They even don’t use animal products such as wool, leather, etc. in their life. Vegetarian diet is not less healthy compared to non-vegetarian diet, but being vegan is something else. The concept of veganism has given rise to the concept of vegan restaurants because some vegetarian people are more particular about their food habits. They are vegetarian and want to be strictly vegetarian. The benefits of strict vegetarianism can’t be derived in dining at vegetarian restaurants, but restaurants serving vegan foods take care of their special vegan customers.

Vegan vs non-vegetarian

The trend of serving vegan foods in restaurants has become quite popular in contemporary time in many countries across the globe. This is due to changing food habits and more health-consciousness among people. We don’t say that non-vegetarian foods are always bad, except very few, because animal foods have their own benefits that are incomparable with plant foods. Some people enjoy animal foods, but they also enjoy vegan foods.

Diet Pills – The Secret Formula of Celebs’ Fitness

Overweight and obesity are worldwide growing problems. The major cause of these problems is attributed to changing lifestyle. The most responsible factors are sedentary lifestyle and junk food habits. There is always a difference in the lifestyle of a rich and poor. People that don’t have enough money such as worker class usually stick on diet which is heavy to fill their tummy. They often have increased carb intake to get enough energy for the type of work they perform. Rich people usually have sedentary lifestyle and weird food habits. They prefer exotic foods but some exotic foods are not good for body fitness. Thus, both poor and rich people suffer from obesity or overweight problem.

Secret formula of celebs’ fitness

celebrity diet pillsSome people follow the secrets of celebrities they come across on various channels. You can select whole and natural foods for your diet and create workouts regime to maintain your fitness. This is what we usually hear about celebs’ style of fitness. We skip the fact that celebs use in their fitness formula. Celebrity diet pills is the secret formula that we don’t know. How celebs maintain their fitness and how they lose weight faster compared an average individual? We discussed above the difference between the lifestyle of a rich and poor. There’s also a difference in the way of maintaining their fitness.

Red-carpet weight loss

Poor people, especially the worker class, often do more physical work, but rich people usually have less physical activity. If they do, their physical activity is of different nature; it’s not as hard as workers’ activity. Some top celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Holly Madison, Janet Jackson, Ricki Lake and Wendy Williams have tried different methods, but diet pills are favorite of most celebrities. This is their red-carpet weight loss method to follow their personal trainer, swallowing diet pills as usual and living an active lifestyle.

Why & How Sonic Rewards Its Customers for Honest Feedback

Restaurant business is a kind of business which successfully operates on customer reviews. Complaints and feedback are important factors for this business. When you intend to visit some restaurant or want to buy even from drive thru food outlet, you usually read online reviews submitted by the customers. Most people check the restaurant’s rating to make a selection. This is important when you are a food lover. Some people are ready to eat anything to satisfy their hunger, but a real food lover will never do so.

Why is customers’ feedback important for restaurants?

You would never visit a restaurant which can’t serve food of your choice. The restaurants and food outlets are also interested in customers’ feedback about their food and service. They sometimes use a survey to know what their customers think about their food and service. The survey is an important feedback from customers which not only helps in fetching more customers but also making improvements. The positive feedback is helpful in business growth, but negative feedback helps in effecting improvements for successful business. Most restaurants have both positive and negative customer feedbacks.

Sonic’s survey

Sonic is one American chain of drive in fast food restaurants’ chain which conducts a customer survey. When you enter Talk to Sonic survey or talktosonic, you are required your mind to speak about Sonic’s food and service. You need to honest in submitting the survey. Thus, you can be either or negative about Sonic experience. You are not barred from submitted complaints. The survey is to be submitted on www talktosonic com.

Why Sonic rewards for honest feedback

Your survey has the worth for Sonic because this will allow the company to serve a better menu and improve service. The company considers value of its customers’ feedback and rewards them for their honest comments. Free Route 44 coupon code is the reward that Sonic offers to its survey customers. Sonic coupon which the company offers can be redeemed on your step-in into Sonic on your next visit. In exchange, you’ll get a nice drink.

Maintain Quality Standards Regularly

Human life is full of machinery and equipments all around. Titanium pipe is one of the most needed parts, that is required to construct different machines and units for making the human life easier and comfortable. You must have witnessed big machines in factories and production wings, performing at very high speed and potential level. For which, each part has to be perfect and efficiently working for the expected results to be achieved within the decided time duration. Since time adherence is equally vital as the quality parameters, in the production units for the major players of the market.

Titanium pipe is used as per the thickness and durability of the pipe, so that it can fit according to the need of the machinery or set up perfectly. Some of the leading producers of the product are expert in providing the required quantity and the customized size within the specified time frame, to the clients.

Titanium pipe

That too, at transparent and competitive prices. So that, there stand no complications with the business owners and their production cycle. The main focus is on meeting the quality standards of the industry, continuously year after year on every tested platform.

Even if you are comparatively newer to the production field, you do not have to worry about the level of quality and durability. The reason is that the producers are very professional and experienced, for the work they have been doing for decades. Production of titanium pipe is considered quite complex and difficult to meet the certified standards regularly. So, if you are able to get the perfect and error less products easily you don’t have to think twice. Since you can get the assurance of quality and satisfaction of the life long working, by the popular manufacturers running the market.

Sustaining with Osteoporosis, AHypocalcemia Type Condition

Human body is a complex structure which has many organs to perform multiple functions. You can’t say exactly which body system is more important compared to others because every system of body has its specific role. The malfunctioning of any system is represented by some disorder or disease which is usually referred as a medical or health condition. This is the adverse stage when body fails to perform some function in an effective manner.

Necessity of calcium for our body

The various systems of our body are nourished by different nutrients that are naturally present in the foods we eat. A particular type of food is enriched in certain specific type of nutrient(s) and thus, need of every nutrient is important for our body. Calcium is an essential element for our body and its need starts from pre-birth gestation stage. During this stage, calcium requirement of fetus is fulfilled by the mother. After birth, various foods are the sources of rich-calcium to fulfil this requirement on daily basis. If our food is deficient in calcium or extra need of this element has raised, it can be met by a calcium supplementation.

Calcium and hypocalcemia

Calcium, thus, has a great role in bones development and maintenance. Deficiency of calcium can result in many diseases. This condition is called hypocalcemia. Osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish) is one disease which results in weak and brittle bones which decrease body’s performance and become prone to bone fractures. The symptoms of this disease or osteoporosetratar are concealed in the beginning and appear when this disease has already developed to an intermediate stage.

Sustaining with osteoporosis

Though osteoporosis, once developed in your body, can’t be treated permanently, yet you can hope for healthy living while sustaining with this disease. The sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, exercise and change in lifestyle can greatly help to hide adverse effects of this disease. This is the best osteoporose tratar or to live with this disease.

Steps to take care of your rented apartments

It is true that no one has the luxury of cleaning the houses they live in everyday because of the hectic work schedule and also the busy life. But, keeping North Bergen Apartments for Rent is very important as you live there and being in an atmosphere that is clean and tidy is good for your own well-being. Let us quickly check some of the simple steps to be followed to have a lovely home.

  • Have some show-pieces

Despite it is a rented place it isn’t a bad idea to have some show-pieces here and there as this can immediately change the entire atmosphere of the place and also when you have these show-pieces you would naturally want to maintain them well. Hence, cleaning becomes a mandatory process.

  • Invite guests

When you have people coming to your house you need to make sure that you are treating them well. As part of that you would certainly clean up the entire area in order to present yourselves well. So this can again be one of the best ways to keep your place clean.

  • Creative ways to clean

Adapt into some creative ways of cleaning. Turn on the music and tap your feet as you are cleaning the floor and dance to the tune of some hard metal when you are washing the utensils. While music keeps you motivated, you would end up doing all the dishes making your home neat and tidy.

  • Hire a maid

If you are completely neck deep at work remember there are maid who can be hired to help you in the cleaning of your homes. Ask them to visit once or twice during the week when you are around and get your North Bergen Apartments for Rent cleaned within minutes.


Vegan restaurants and Vegetarian restaurants are rising high

In the food industry, there has been tremendous growth in vegan restaurants. The consumer is developing a likely trend towards these foods. Nowadays, health consideration is a major reason on which great emphasis is laid upon. Due to the huge health maintenance awareness, healthy foods are getting high demand throughout the world. Many people are turning towards a healthy life in this modern era. Across the globe, millions of consumers have developed a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle standards. These standards are easily met with the foods available at vegetarian restaurants.

vegetarian restaurantsDo you wish to secure a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food?

In the present times, people are moving their lifestyle towards good for one’s health. With the changing times, many things have come up with great considerations. The food industry is also getting advanced and health-giving standards are widely adopted. A thriving condition is a state which everyone wishes to enjoy throughout the lifetime. Maintaining refreshing energy throughout the day becomes possible with the health-enriched diet. With the high rate of consumer demand, it has become a lot of Vegan restaurants to rise high in the sky.

The high-tech world has become more health conscious and major developments have been seen in the food industry. The rapid increase in this sector has brought out a major contrast among the foods classification. The regular diet must be filled with nutrients to stay healthy and keep up a good future, which should stay disease-free.  vegetarian restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants flourish a nourishing life!

About half the people in a country have shifted their lifestyle standards mainly in foods. The recent analysis reports that a great percentage of improvement has been measured in these restaurants or food servings. The health standards built a great success for preventing diseases and receiving enriched nutrients for balanced living. In the earlier periods, there was great consumption for natural ingredients which provided an herbal enriched benefit to the consumers.

Importance of losing weight to maintaining a healthy life

In order to lead a healthy life, it is important that you maintain a proper weight. Being overweight can give rise to several problems. Due to the unhealthy lifestyle lead by people nowadays, obesity has become a worldwide problem. What people fail to realize is that it may give rise to several health problems. Not only that, but it can also be life-threatening in certain situations as well. Therefore, losing weight at the right time is very important. If you are trying to lose weight then you can try out the jennifer hudson weight loss diet program.

Why is it important to lose weight?

Losing weight can benefit you in a number of ways. However, losing weight is important because of the following reasons.

  1. By losing weight you can keep your body free of health issues. Health problems like heart diseases, asthma and diabetes can easily be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So losing weight is important if you want to keep yourself healthy.
  2. Weight loss can also result in increased productivity. When you are fit and slim you can be more productive than when you are fat.
  3. By losing weight you can also boost your confidence. Not only that but you can also look younger and good after shedding those extra pounds. You can try the Jennifer Hudsonweight loss pills in order to lose weight faster.
  4. Excess weight may lead to joint pains and thus, it may feel very uncomfortable. But by losing weight you can be free of all these problems easily.

Thus, you can see why losing weight is so important. By losing weight you can actually aim for a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you want to bring your life back on track then it’s time that you start acting now.

Why Should You Buy Basic DJ Controller Model as A Beginner?

As an entry-level person to perform DJ, you may not have expertise as expected from a professional DJ because professionalism comes from experience. DJ is a very popular profession these days, but there are many aspects of this profession which are important to earn name in this field. There are too many DJs who have earned fame, but it took so much time. DJ equipments are also complex and as a beginner, you won’t be able to handle technically advance equipment, usually DJ controller. Starting with a model which is more comfortable for you can offer better learning and training for audiogeekhubprofessional-level performance.

What’s best about basic DJ controllers

To become the best DJ, you must pick a model which is suited to entry level people. The important equipment for a DJ is DJ controller and you wouldn’t like to spend too much money on buying an equipment which is very high in price. You cannot get good return with investment in an expensive equipment. There is no fun of buying an expensive equipment when good cheap models are available in the market for entry-level DJs. Some models even have upgrades. Moreover, there are varied price options. You can upgrade some model or replace the basic with an advance when you become professional.

Why basic model is recommended for a beginneraudiogeekhub

Why should you buy basic model as a beginner? Visit the website of audiogeekhub to know more on this issue. The DJ controller models designed and launched in market are comparatively lower in price. This shouldn’t be misconstrued that cheap is always an inferior quality. In context of DJ controller models, lower price models have been specifically designed for entry-level individuals. This makes them easy to learn and to save on investment on a complex model. These models provide all important functionalities, but are easy to use without a high skill. You can know about some best models on the website of audio geek hub.