Creation of Official SHSU Class Ring & Celebration of Ring Ceremony

The term “class ring” won’t be a familiar term for many people, but individuals usually graduated from old traditional American universities are usually quite familiar with this term. The ring is a tradition in few old public and private universities of the United States. This is a type of honor graduating student receives from his or her alma mater for graduation as a result of years of efforts put in to achieve this milestone. An honor and represents reward and encouragement for future efforts, and milestone represents achievement in the present.

SHSU class ringBrief about SHSU

Like few other American Universities, Sam Houston State University is also an old university, the third oldest educational institution in the state of Texas, which was founded as Sam Houston Normal Institute in 1879, renamed Sam Houston State Teachers College in 1923, and Sam Houston State College in 1965. The present name is existing since 1967.

Creation of official SHSU class ring

The tradition of official class ring of Sam Houston State University (SHSU) didn’t exist for nearly quarter century after its establishment in 1879. The university found its beloved official ring in 2003. The task of creating the ring was assigned to a proud committee consisting of SHSU alumni, student body, and faculty members. SHSU class ringThe key objective was to design a ring that would symbolize the pride of SHSU and stand the test of time, and the committee envisioned a ring that could meet the set standards. The designated committee meticulously chosen each element of the ring to ensure the precise significance of SHSU and the University’s pride. The ring that was created by the group efforts has now become an entrenched tradition of the SHSU.

Tradition of SHSU ring ceremony

Ring celebration and tradition was initiated in 2004, a year after the creation, when first official ring ceremony was held. From then onwards, the event is held amid the Fall Semester and gives a chance for family, recognized alumni, and college delegates to honor the students’ achievements.