Is IFCJ Really As Good A Charity As People Say? Know More Here

People who are aware of the charitable organizations associated with Jewish communities must have heard the name of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, commonly abbreviated as IFCJ. If you do not have much information about them, have a look at the details below:

IFCJ: the beginning

The organization was founded in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. According to the popular IFCJ reviews, his aim was to improve the bonding between the Christian and the Jewish community and to help the poor and war-affected Jews in the world. The IFCJ rating says that his mission of the organization was to put an end to the eternal hostility of the Christian people towards the Jews and to build a friendly connection between the two, based on mutual understanding and cooperation. In addition to that, helping the Jews residing in the politically troubled areas like the Middle East is also on the agenda of the organization.Is IFCJ a good charity

Notable achievements

Since its beginning, IFCJ ratings have been good for not only having a commendable mission but also for providing practical help to the needy. It has successfully raised more than $1.6 billion from across the world for their purpose of helping the destitute. People belonging to the Jewish community from the following countries have been benefited for their services:

  • Israel
  • The former Soviet Union
  • Latin America
  • Ethiopia

Added to that, they also worked in more than 58 countries all over the world. The primary focus of their service is helping the poor, elderly people, orphans, families with children, women, and so on.Is IFCJ a good charity

If your question is “Is IFCJ a good charity?” then probably you have already got your answer. If you are willing to know more about them and want to take part in their noble mission, please visit their official website now.