Make As Many Relationships As You Can – Roberto Casula

The unanswered questions related to many challenges in today’s time are surely the trigger for curiosity, inspiration, and imagination. If you read recent post or interviews of  , the Senior Executive at Eni you must have read about his vision about the Oil and gas industry’s future. He stated at a very basic post in the company and with the passing of time with his hard work, dedication, and vision he held numerous managerial positions at the company.  Currently, he is holding the position of Chief Development, operations, and technology office at Eni and focusing on the corporate venture capital and open innovation.

Curiosity is the key

Roberto Casula

He believes that curiosity is the key. Curiosity can pop up anywhere and at anytime. You can be curious about anything while reading a book while discussing something with your friend or colleagues or contacts academia. He believes that unanswered questions of many of today’s challenges can surely be the trigger for inspiration, curiosity, and imagination.

He says that technological trends are always amazing and among all of them the one that excites him the most is the development of IoT.

Advice for the younger generation

Everyone is well aware that Roberto casula eni is a figure that inspires a lot of youngsters. There are many people who want to join the same field just because they are inspired by him. When asked to say a few words of advice for the youngsters he wants them to develop many good relationships as many as they can. At the same time, he wants youngsters to be honest and kind to everybody and to help others on a regular basis. Behind all these advice he has the reason, he says when one faces difficulties in life and feel alone at that time there must be someone who will help them and stand with them.