The Ou Ring Distribution Will Leave a Lasting Mark on Every Student Passing Out

Each university gives its former student a souvenir to remind them about their roots, and Oklahoma University is no different. Now, making such a piece may become a difficult task, as the design should be a miniature representation of the place which requires serious thinking.

The university of oklahoma class ring, given by the university is the perfect example of how to do the job properly. The Alumni Association with the assistance from the faculty designed a piece which found the perfect blend between tradition and essence of the place in Norman.ou ring

The design of the ring:

The place is standing in Norman for more than a century and grew from strength to strength over the years and regarded as one of the most elegant place to study among the aspiring students of the states. The place boasts personalities like former president Sam Houston as a part of their alumni association. The ou ring is available in white gold, and yellow gold with traditional or antique border. The use of gold is symbolic; it represents the educational quality the place imparted over the years.

The Oklahoma University logo engraved at the centre of the ring is surrounded by a border which is either black or golden. The arches on each side of the ring represent the Cherokee Gothic architectural style evident in every campus buildings. The ou class ring has the name and year of graduation of each student engraved on the ring wings to add that personal zing to the piece.ou ring

The distribution ceremony of ou ring:

The ring gets distributed to the students at the end of Homecoming week which involves an elaborate ceremony to honor the students in the presence of the president of the university and the Alumni Association. The ceremony held is quite detailed and will leave a lasting mark on the students who are leaving the place.

Meticulous Way to Select Online Poker Affiliate

It is quite easy to find poker agent site on the internet nowadays because there are too many sites, but it won’t work when you want to play a real money game like Bandar Domino QQ. Your key goal in online poker is to make money, but every poker agent can’t help you in achieving this goal. agen poker terpercayaYou need to be honest in online poker play, but it’s worthless if your poker agent is dishonest. You can win with your honesty, but your poker agent’s dishonesty won’t let you win. There are many poker room stories you can read on some websites and you’ll understand how winners become losers in online poker. This is a critical issue for every online potential poker player.

Always join trusted poker agent site

If you have been playing online poker for some time, this situation may emerge at any stage, if you have signed up with an agen poker terpercaya. Try to make a deal on a site which you can trust. If you’re new and don’t understand, ask someone whom you can trust or ask some expert who can guide you in this agen poker terpercayamatter. But never make a start on a site which appears fishy or which can’t be trusted from any angle. You need to have a justification to join some agency site for online poker play, else you would be making investment which is going to be drained. This is an issue requiring meticulous thinking because you’re going to play again and again on this site.

Selecting online poker affiliate

The question is how to select a poker affiliate? It is not advisable to move forward to select the best deal without self-analysis. However, you can seek advice from an expert. When selecting a poker affiliate, it is better to look for their track-record because some sites appear at once and disappears in just few years without a notice. You can get details of poker agents having proven track records on communities like social media networks and forums. You can search further details of establish sites to compare between them.




Benefits & Side-effects of Using CBD oil for Pain

CBD oil’s benefits’ list is inexhaustive because it has multiple health benefits and medicinal applications. It is a renowned and trusted natural pain reliever. It helps to reduce stress, regulate sleep, boosts mood, and many more things from health perspective. From medical applications’ perspective, CBD oil is helpful in anxiety relief, anti-seizure, chronic pain management, neuroprotection, anti-acne treatment, and cancer treatment. The researchers are at work to explore further benefits of this natural cannabis compound.

Most common use of CBD oil for pain relief

People commonly refer CBD oil for pain because CBD oil is most commonly used for pain relief, especially in muscle and joint pain. It is also helpful in chronic pain management. CBD’s property to offer pain relief was not recently explored because it was known since ancient times. However, what causes pain relief was not known in the past because it was discovered recently. CBD and THC are two core compounds in cannabis plant that have pain relieving property, but both acts in a different way and are used in different manner.

CBD oil is a recommended but not prescribed medication

CBD oil for pain can be legally used, but it is not FDA-approved prescription medication. However, many medical practitioners recommend its use, to their patient for relief in chronic pain, without a prescription. This is otherwise widely sold on online stores and in un-regulatory markets. It is safe to use CBD oil for pain relief, but precautions have to be taken in its buying due to wide reporting of fake selling by some online platforms.

Side-effects of CBD oil

CBD oil is generally considered safe to apply on skin in case of pain and it is also consumed orally in the form of capsules. The injectable form of CBD oil is also made available sometimes. When you use CBD oil for pain in any form, you may have its side-effects also. Though there are no major risks with its use, yet dizziness, depression, low blood pressure, hallucinations, and withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and insomnia have been reported in some consumers.

Get Social and Enjoy Your Environment

Social environment is always very inviting and attractive, if you are one of the people who loves to enjoy the get together. There are various vegetarian restaurants, full of sizzling sounds and tempting aroma all over the place. Such places would make you forget the rest of the world, when the colourful and yummy dishes would be served over your table. It enhances the experience of eating outside, with the perfect comfort zone that you have been expecting always. Vegan restaurants are designed in such a manner, that you would receive the warm welcome as soon as you enter the entrance doors.

No matter what is the speciality of the country, you would receive the perfect and original taste of each delicacy available in the Vegan restaurants nearby your location. Since they always employ the staff members and chefs, who are well trained and experienced in the respective industry. In order to make sure, that each guest is served with pride and the glimpse of culture which is evident in the dishes ordered by you. The spices and the combination of the different recipes being prepared in the vegetarian restaurants are so mouth watering and appreciated, by the guests visiting the place.


The interiors are designed and maintained to an extent, that people visiting from different countries find the perfect ambience for their eating habits. In addition to that, you do not have to shell out a lot of money while you are visiting these restaurants. Instead the tempting food items are quite economical and affordable, by majority of the people who love to try their choicest food. The surroundings of the place, are so inviting and warm that you cannot stop visiting the place whenever you are nearby. Also the treatment of the service members, that makes you feel at home.

The Growth of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

After striking chords with the Evangelicals and succeeding in raising money for the Jewish Immigrants, there was no looking back for IFCJ. Since then Rabbi Eckstein nonprofit organization has primarily focused on the wellbeing of Israeli immigrants, dedicating themselves on their welfare and supporting them throughout their adversities.

Brief note on the Organization

In 2002, Yechiel became a citizen of Israel and thus the chief operations were shifted to Jerusalem. Amongst the many good deeds that Rabbi’s organization has accomplished, the notable ones include providing drones for surveillance to the communities residing along Gaza border, donating for fire engines, providing hospitals with M.R.I machines and even improving securities to West Bank.


He followed his pledge of providing proper support to all the Jews who were caught in the on-going crisis of Venezuela. In order to distribute foods for all the needy Muslims in Morocco, he formed alliance with Chabad Hasidic Movement. It took place during the month of Ramadan.

Every year according to IFCJ reviews, it has been successfully raising about $140 millions of funds. Their main source of funding chiefly involves contributions made by evangelical Christians. The offices of Yechiel Eckstein have spread its wings to South Korea, Toronto, Chicago and many more countries. The headquarters of all these branches lies in Jerusalem which is also the base for all Christian visitors. Since its foundation in 1983, the Fellowship is estimated to have raised around $1.6 billion till date.

Criticisms did not stop Rabbi Eckstein from fulling his mission

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was not always greeted with success. The did suffer criticism for being too considerate for towards the Jewish immigration centered only in Jerusalem. Rabbi after having served as quasi-governmental Agencies governor’s role, he resigned from the post. The often-received criticism for his heavy pay scale and also for organizing lavish public campaigns which many though exaggerated the real story of poverty levels.

But his numerous selfless works and dedication for the common people have earned him huge respect from the masses. Even few days before his untimely demise, he had the audience singing along with him at a fund-raising event.

Donation For A Cause Is Blessing

In between the era of modernization and advancement, certain things are going unnoticed. Such as the sufferings of the jewish groups, war victims, poor elders or the people who have witnessed the hardships of their life in one or another ways. IFCJ has been playing a vital role, in bringing such communities to the better extent. In order to make sure, that they are able to sustain in the quality environment which they deserve. Instead of getting tortured with the situations and the circumstances, that are being following them for quite a while.

IFCJ ratings are not only for the name sake, but to prove the world that the concern requires instant attention of the political leaders and parties. So that, the oppressed groups do not keep suffering without any kind of hope to lead a better life. In addition to which, IFCJ rating proves to be one of the leading drivers for the rest of the world to understand the significance of working for the needy people. Since it is not possible for any of the nation to keep growing, without some groups remaining away from the segment of development below the desired level of living.

IFCJ reviews are really incomparable, as the movement is providing unexpected results if compared from the past movements carried on in favour of the poor people. It not only focuses on any specific groups or people. Rather it believes in the all round development by concentrating on the groups, that require urgent attention followed by the actions needed to mark the changes expected. Is IFCJ a good charity? You can understand the immense sense of satisfaction, that any human can achieve by serving to the needy groups. As they must never be ignored by the country, if progression is the basic aim for all.

IFCJ Reviews: The Different Charity Programs That You Will Come across Here

As everybody around the world now know, that the goal of the IFCJ is to promote very good understanding between Christians and Jews. This can be achieved if people from both sides decided to cooperate with each other. There are lots of issues as well as crises that are common to both parties and can therefore serve as a common platform for promoting brotherhood. The bible is followed by both these groups and therefore people come to an understanding when charity is asked for citing the sayings of the bible. One needs to understand that concerns for fellow human beings are present everywhere.

Key programs

If you go through the IFCJ reviews, you will come across three main programs that are present and run by join cooperation. A lot of funds in form of charities is gathered with the help of these programs. There are programs such as guardians of Israel where millions are pent for feeding those who are hungry.


Different kinds of aids

The victims present in Israel, are helped by giving them dental care as well as having specialized kitchens for them. The IFCJ ratings, will tell you how the survivors of Holocaust have survived with the help of these people.

Helping out everyone

There are Jewish people as well as orphans who can be helped using these programs. Along with food, medical expenses are also taken care of here. People having the question Is IFCJ a good charity, will soon realizes that this organization is doing a lot for the needy.



Safe haven

There are many children who get abandoned on course of devastating wars. If you view the IFCJ rating, you will understand how thousands of abandoned orphans have found a safe roof over their head owing to IFCJ. Not only are these children given food and shelter, but also education and some vocational training.

What are IFCJ reviews?


            IFCJ i.e. International fellowship of Christians and Jews is the organization founded in 1983 with the main intention of promoting the cooperation and understanding between the Christians and Jews. It was to build the broad support for Israel and shared many other concerns. IFCJ reviews are great and it is said that the organization will be able to reverse the 2000 year history of discord. It will be replaced with the relationship full of respect, dialogue and cooperation.

Good reviews of organizationIFCJ

            Since years, the organization have been the leader in maintaining the Jewish Christian relations by building bridges of goodwill which has led to a  better cooperation and understanding between the members of two communities. As it is an organization it completely depends on the funds received by their loved ones. The IFCJ ratings have been good and thus the organization has been receiving good funds from all over the world. They have been serving the needy Jews in Israel and other countries. They supply a good amount of food and medicines to the elderly. Moreover, they also serve the poor military of Israel.IFCJ

            When it comes to an organization, people always keep doubts into their minds and thus people keep on asking is IFCJ a good charity? Yes offcourse it is a good charity. It is completely for the welfare of the Jews in Israel. It has been the backbone for all the immigrants who came into Israel. They serve the immigrants and also guide them with the daily needful things of life. The organization was started by Yechiel Epstein and he dedicated 40 years of his life for the organization until his death. Now the organization is held by his daughter. The IFCJ rating is real and this organization is not fake.

Cardiac treatment with Robotic and minimally invasive surgery

Cardiac problems that cannot be addressed with medications and lifestyle changes have to be corrected with surgery. The cardiac surgeries are quite complex and risky too. But, advancements in technology and the surgical procedures have made it possible for carrying out the surgery by making a small incision and letting the machine do the operation by operating it from the outside. You can choose to get the robotic treatment for your heart problem from the experienced and expert doctor in the field like roberto casula.

 What are the fields of expertise?

Mr. roberto casula  who has completed his surgical training in the UK and is also  involved in research in the field of robotic and minimal invasive cardiac surgery.  His fields of expertise include

Roberto Casula

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting- the traditional type
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting- off-pump type
  • Atrial fibrillation surgery
  • Valve repair
  • Mitral, tricuspid and aortic valve minimal invasive surgery for valve replacement

and other redoing and complex operations.

Why should you reach out to the expert?

 Reaching out to the expert cardiothoracic surgeon for surgery would ensure that the treatment process is chosen rightly and the surgery is performed perfectly by reducing the chances for risks involved in case of surgery which includes infection, valve dysfunction after replacement etc.  Also choosing the right surgeon who is up to date with the developments in minimally invasive surgery. The minimally invasive surgery permits surgery in a bloodless environment making just a small incision which reduces the healing time and risks associated with the surgery. An experienced surgeon would be able to clear all the misconceptions and fear you as a patient would have about the surgery and prepare you adequately to undergo the surgical operation without fear.

Choose the right center and the right doctor for high quality and safe treatment procedures.

The Influential Jewish Fundraisers of Past & Present

World ORT is a federation of autonomous ORT national organizations, legally constituted in Switzerland. World ORT is a non-profit global Jewish organization established for promotion of education and training in communities worldwide. Referred to as Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades, it provides professional and vocational training for young Jews. Israel was the main area of operation for ORT in 2003, but ORT Israel retracted its association with World ORT.

Rabbi Eckstein: A challenging fundraiser


Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), who passed away recently, invited Board of trustees of World ORT in connection with $200,000 fundraising for ORT’s school network in the former Soviet Union. The IFCJ reviews have clear evidence of this prominent personality who instinctively challenged World ORT’s top lay body and others at a dinner invitation. Eckstein had an influence and strength to make such challenges and he was successful in joining donors in his fundraising campaigns. His objectives of fundraising were very clear every time he pledged and made demands. His influence was able to unite Christians for some great charitable cause. This was the reason he collected most donations from Christian community. He had no motive to ask for donations from the Christian community, but he was aware of their generosity.

Rabbi Eckstein: A logical fundraiser

Most Jews and Christians are not unaware of the charity of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. His principles were same as other Jewish rabbis and he referred to tzedakah for Jews. However, the logic of Rabbi Eckstein had broader application. He was not in favor of limitation of charity. He believed that your list of priorities should also include bottomed enlisted needy and he should also receive a little chunk of charity money. Yechiel Eckstein was active in the era of 19th century before he passed away on February 24, 1908, but he is remembered even today in Jewish community.