Roberto Casula – The Story of the Successful Man and His Career

In your life, you have heard about a lot of personalities and their struggles to reach where they are now. This article will share another such character who has struggled a lot at his initial phases to reach where he is now, without any discussion let’s take look at the splendid career of Roberto Casula the man behind the success of the Eni company.roberto casula eni

How did he get started?

He holds a graduation degree in engineering in the field of mining. In an interview, he shared that he he got several job offers from various industries of Italy. But he chooses Eni Company lastly. The reason he chooses this company because he felt that this company would give him the opportunity to work overseas and that was his aim since childhood. He has a desire to deal with different cultures, context and so he was looking for a company that would fulfil his needs. He found Eni to be perfect for his profession. In his career he spent his entire life working in that company and has earned huge respect from the employees as well. He has gained a massive knowledge and hand on experience on working with people of diverse culture.

The various post of the manroberto casula eni

Since his joining to this company, he was appointed in various posts. In the beginning, he was a reservoir engineer and later he went on to become CEO of the company in 2005. After serving 2 years as a CEO in the company he became the managing director. He retired from the post of Eni’d chief development, operations technology officer.

Hope by reading this article you have got to know about the story of the famous person Roberto Casula Eni.