The Aggie class ring, its design and the symbolism

With Texas A&M university, being ranked among the top 50 universities across the US, it is but natural to take a closer look at the University and find out what makes it special. Apart from the fact that it was one of the few universities to have been created by an act of congress (Morill act, 1862), it also happens to have unique and time honored traditions.

aggie ring Today, the University stands out as a beacon of higher education and offers students from world over, state of the art undergraduate and graduate programs. Even the class ring, comes with its own unique design, and a checkered history, one that lends it a special allure.

The Aggie ring:

The Aggie ring as it is more popularly known is now manufactured with a pre-set design, one that has been in place since 1933. It embodies elements of the original Aggie rings which had been first introduced in the late 1880’s. Today, the class ring comes with an eagle along with a shield, as well as the Texas state seal on the side. In case you have missed the point, the ring happens to be loaded on symbolism with each design aspect standing for one thing or the other.

aggie ring

The design:

When it comes to the Aggie ring, you may notice that the shield comes with 13 stripes which stand for the original 13 states, and the eagle symbolizes agility and power, while the five stars are the different stages that a student goes through at the University. The ring wrap incidentally also comes with a canon, saber as well as rifle etched on the other side. This is supposed to symbolize the past and how Texans had to fight for their land in more ways than one.