The Ou Ring Distribution Will Leave a Lasting Mark on Every Student Passing Out

Each university gives its former student a souvenir to remind them about their roots, and Oklahoma University is no different. Now, making such a piece may become a difficult task, as the design should be a miniature representation of the place which requires serious thinking.

The university of oklahoma class ring, given by the university is the perfect example of how to do the job properly. The Alumni Association with the assistance from the faculty designed a piece which found the perfect blend between tradition and essence of the place in Norman.ou ring

The design of the ring:

The place is standing in Norman for more than a century and grew from strength to strength over the years and regarded as one of the most elegant place to study among the aspiring students of the states. The place boasts personalities like former president Sam Houston as a part of their alumni association. The ou ring is available in white gold, and yellow gold with traditional or antique border. The use of gold is symbolic; it represents the educational quality the place imparted over the years.

The Oklahoma University logo engraved at the centre of the ring is surrounded by a border which is either black or golden. The arches on each side of the ring represent the Cherokee Gothic architectural style evident in every campus buildings. The ou class ring has the name and year of graduation of each student engraved on the ring wings to add that personal zing to the piece.ou ring

The distribution ceremony of ou ring:

The ring gets distributed to the students at the end of Homecoming week which involves an elaborate ceremony to honor the students in the presence of the president of the university and the Alumni Association. The ceremony held is quite detailed and will leave a lasting mark on the students who are leaving the place.