The Sole Purpose of the IFCJ Was Giving New Life

Judaism has proclaimed that there is only one God. The supreme and the omnipresent. It is believed that there are laws of God, Torah, which if followed by the Jews can lead to harmony. Yechiel Eckstein taught Torah for decades to people and sought their Is IFCJ a good charityviews. Later he founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). It has worked to improve the relation between the two faiths in Israel primarily and the world as a whole.

Why was it formed and by whom?

Taking in the religion of Christianity and Judaism (followed by Jews) it is very important to know the difference between the two religions. And why did it diverge.

Judaism is the religion followed by the Jews and it is the parent of both Christianity and Islam. Yes, you heard it right.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was founded by Yechiel Eckstein, a philanthropist in the year 1983. Since then, this nonprofit organization has helped to bridge the age old difference between the Christians and the Jews.

What is yet to be decided?

The IFCJ ratings have always resembled true figures. Now the question, Is IFCJ a good charity? It is yet to be decided and Is IFCJ a good charitydebated as every organization has its own positivities and negativities and soon after the death of the Rabbi, it is yet to be adjudged the scenario in detail.

In order to bridge the gap and help the people of Israel, the impoverished ones and the needy people, the IFCJ reviews has stood out in maintaining its performance and being in the hearts of all.

The organization has also won many awards in the fields of excellence and the accreditations have won them accolades in various sectors. The transparency as well as the dedication of the people working and the ones getting benefitted has helped it to reach the IFCJ rating to this level.